• Reel Breakdown

00:01 > 00:52 – X Film – Die Känguru Chroniken. Feature film. Trixter.Some of my shots for the feature film. The body is based on mocap but heavily modified, the face animation and lipsync is full keyframe animation.

00:54 > 01:24 – Narmada – Gunbit. Video game trailer. MovieBrats Studios. These are some of the shots I animated for the trailer. I did keyframe animation for all the characers. Loops were created for the background characters, and the main animation on the foreground characters was done working alongsides the director on a tight schedule. I did walkcycles and some fight cycles to find the style and I then animated 20 shots (about half of the animated shots) for the final trailer.

01:24 > 01:32 – The Shallows. Feature film. Important Looking Pirates VFX. Some of the shots for which I did the animation on the main shark. All keyframe animation.

01:32 > 01:42 – Shark Week Discovery Channel. Commercial, 2016. Important Looking Pirates VFX. I worked on most of the animated shots for the commercial. I did keyframe animation on the main swimming shark. On the psychedelic sequence I animated the shark on the slip n’ slide/ all seals / all small fish/ the white shark jumping on fire ring/ the white sharks crossing the frame with divers / hammerheads circling below fire ring.

00:55 > 01:06 – Thelma. Feature film, 2017. Ghost VFX. I did the animation on the snake, plus animated deformations on snake. The animation if full keyframe, the deformations were done outside the rig to get a better flesh appearence.

02:07 > 02:16 – Star Trek Discovery. Series, 2017. Ghost VFX. Four different shots in the same sequence. I key animated Stuart the bug for each of these shots.

02:16 > 02:20 – Mr Clean Commercials, 2016. Important Looking Pirates VFX. I did keyframe animation on Mr Clean for three different commercials. These shots are from one of these commercials.

02:20 > 02:41 – DC comics – Shazam! 2019. Rise FX. I did keyframe animation for the body (no face anim) for Shazam and Sivana. Also Rotomation work fone for some shots (3d doubles needed for the cape and lights/shadows/fx), plus fit to layout work, plus camera work.